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QCon in Finance eXchange

Wednesday, 8th October at Old Sessions House, London

This meetup is run by Default User Group. Starts at 9:00 AM.

QCon in Finance eXchange, is a free one day event that returns to the finance sector to provide a forum to discuss some of the latest innovations, best practices and architectural challenges facing IT.

Enterprise Comet

Kaazing\'s Jonas Jacobi will be speaking on Enterprise Comet. More information will follow soon!

Jonas Jacobi

Jonas Jacobi is the co-creator of Kaazing Enterprise Gateway, a next generation Comet Server, an enterprise server that fully supports HTML 5 WebSockets and Server-Sent Events, an ideal solution for real-time Web 2.0 applications.

Enterprise Computing at BNP Paribas

David Harper will speak on Enterprise Computing at BNP Paribas

David Harper

David Harper, project manager at BNP Paribas


Intel's Nigel Woodward will do a talk too, more details coming soon!

Nigel Woodward

More details coming soon!

Welcome to the QCon in Finance eXchange

Cleve Gibbon, QCon in Finance eXchange Track Host, will open the day.

Cleve Gibbon

Cleve Gibbon is CTO at Cognifide and has been writing software for over twenty years. He regularly contributes articles for InfoQ and writes on

Sustainable IT, from Datacentre to Cloud

Matt Deacon will talk about Sustainable IT, from Datacentre to Cloud

Matt Deacon

Matt Deacon is the Chief Architectural Advisor for the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft Ltd, in the UK.

Domain Driven Design

Eric Evans speaks about Domain Driven Design.

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, author of Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software is a thought leader in software design, domain driven design and domain modeling and particularly focuses on strategic design.

Real life enterprise solution delivery using intentional architecture and agility

UBS are nearly 2 years through a 4 year re-engineering and re-platforming of the middle and back office applications. Having successfully implemented the majority of the architectural components, UBS are running a significant volume of their business through these Java-based applications. This session focuses on ensuring successful delivery of major reengineering programmes and dealing with the challenges and key decisions required. How do you define a target architecture that can support a combination of business and IT reengineering? Can this be done quickly and with agility? How do you to build a delivery organisation that can ensure rapid and sustainable adherence to that vision and deal with real world issues such as change outside of the programme, legacy challenges / opportunities and resourcing.

Gordon Weir

Gordon is an expert in large scale agile and lean organizational change, currently heading up a technology department at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy is a solution architect with over ten years of experience in systems architecture and delivery. He specialises in the architecture for large-scale integrated solutions in financial services. He is currently the architect for the Cash Equi

OSGi in Banking

In this presentation Neil will discuss real-world benefits and best practices learned from using OSGi in one of the largest Wall Street banks, including some of the pitfalls and road-blocks encountered along way, and how to avoid them.

Neil Bartlett

Neil is a software developer, consultant and trainer specialising in Java, OSGi, Eclipse and Haskell. He is the founder and principal developer of Bndtools, the leading IDE for OSGi development. Neil works for Paremus Ltd in London.

Erlang Makes Money go Round

In this talk Erik will give a short introduction to Erlang, arguing for why it is so well suited for building high availability financial systems. He will present some key features of Erlang which have helped in making Kreditor a success. The talk will also touch on the downsides of using Erlang and some lessons learned from building a start-up with Erlang technology. Finally, Erik will give some advice on when to use Erlang and when not to.

Erik Stenman

Erik Stenman has been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when he started his first company. He received his Master of Science in Computer Science in 1996 from Uppsala University.

Enterprise Computing at BNP Paribas

Developing and Running the Market Risk System at one of the world\'s largest banks: an architectural overview.

Dominique Delarue

Dominique Delarue joined the Fixed Income department of BNP Paribas in 2001 to work on an eTrading system. He then joined Market Risk where he has worked on all aspects of the applications (risk, limit, stress, var...) since 2003. Over the past 3 y

Patterns for managing Order Books and Reference Data on a Global Basis (with Oracle Coherence)

In this presentation, Brian Oliver examines some of the common architectural challenges faced when attempting to manage order books and reference data on a global basis and how globally spanning federated clusters (using Oracle Coherence) provides a novel and close-to-realtime solution for a Tier 1 investment bank.

Brian Oliver

Brian Oliver is a Senior Principle Solutions Architect at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Brian was Data Grid Solutions Architect at Tangosol, working with leading Financial Institutions in the US and Europe to implement massively scalable and high-

The Last Mile: HTML 5 Websockets & Comet

The HTML 5 specification is set to forever change the way in which we build applications for the Web. One innovation- WebSocket- in particular will enable full-duplex HTTP communication, and finally bring an end to the tired "click and wait" paradigm traditionally associated with the Web.

Jonas Jacobi

Jonas Jacobi is the co-creator of Kaazing Enterprise Gateway, a next generation Comet Server, an enterprise server that fully supports HTML 5 WebSockets and Server-Sent Events, an ideal solution for real-time Web 2.0 applications.

The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Commissar: The Evolution of Innovation in Enterprise Java

In this session, Rod Johnson will provide an opinionated view of the story of enterprise Java innovation, what it teaches us about the wider industry and the lessons we should consider when making technology choices.

Rod Johnson

Rod is the father of Spring. The Spring Framework open source project began in February 2003, based on SpringSource's Spring framework published with Rod's best-selling Expert One-on-One Java EE Design and Development.

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