Meet up

London Clojurians - March!

Tuesday, 5th March in London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in March 2013


Join the London Clojurians for their monthly get together at Skills Matter on March 5th. This month User Group leader Bruce Durling has got a few talks lined up, featuring Distributed Computing expert Mathieu Gauthron.

Have you ever wanted to check the quality of your backups?

This is a command-line written in Clojure that compares two files or two nested directory structures on local files or remote servers with an md5sum command over ssh. MD5 hashing is used to determine file equality.

Mathieu Gauthron

Mathieu Gauthron is a distributed computing and BigData expert, working day-to-day with a variety of technologies and languages. He provides solutions for large enterprise applications looking to scale with simplicity. In his pursuit of reducing IT's ever growing complexity, his interest has turned towards the use of functional languages and live programming technologies such as Clojure. He believes the use of such tools can take software development where it should be: reducing time to market, simple and maintainable.

Playing Games with Clojure

Tom is developing a turn based game playing library in Clojure based on sample code from Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig.

Tom Hall

Doing a mixture of Dev and Ops that might be called DevOps. Tom is a mathematician, theatre fan, occasional mountaineer, part time runner, thoroughly nice chap and available in fine bookstores everywhere.

Cubewar: 3D Arenas and Flight Dynamics in Clojure

Cubewar was a networked, multiplayer shoot-em-up game that roamed the earth in the days before video consoles. Players flew around a virtual cube rendered in ASCII on their VDU screens, navigating in 3D cartesian coordinates and shooting at whatever bizarre punctuation characters came into their firing line.

Nick Rothwell

Nick Rothwell is a composer, performer, software architect, programmer and sound artist. He has built media performance systems for projects with Ballett Frankfurt and Vienna Volksoper (choreographer: Michael Klien) and Braunarts, and interactive installations for Sonic Arts Network, TECHNE (Istanbul) and the Kinetica kinetic art fair (London).

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