Meet up

London Clojure - April!

Tuesday, 2nd April at The Skills Matter eXchange, London

This meetup is run by The London Clojure Community. Starts at 6:30 PM.

We host the London Clojure Community for their monthly meetup. This month the group meet to hear two talks - including Kris Jenkins on the history of Clojure.

Dissecting Reducers

In this talk I’d like to introduce Reducers starting from the problem of designing code that runs in parallel over multiple cores. We’ll work our way backward to show the advantages of using Reducers over the plain old map family of functions. I'll finally show a couple of examples.

Renzo Borgatti

Renzo Borgatti is project lead at BBC London. He fell in love with Clojure at some point in 2010 after hearing one of Rich Hickey's talks on principles behind the language.

A Walking Tour of Clojure's History

Work on Clojure began in 1958. Forty-nine years later the first version was released. Well, that's sort of how it went. Join me on a tour through the history of LISP, from its algebraic roots to the present day dialect we know and love.

Kris Jenkins

Kris Jenkins has been programming since the year George Orwell predicted doom and Steve Jobs promised salvation. Since then he's written production code in about 18 languages, the latest of which is Clojure. Kris was the Co-Founder & CTO of BullionV

Who's coming?

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