Meet up

London Ajax Welcomes Stefan Solinas & Kornel Lesinski

Tuesday, 10th September at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by London HalfStack. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Come join the London Ajax User Group (LAUG) for it's monthly meet-up! This Month we welcome Stefano Solinas and Kornel Lesinski.

i18n - translation in JavaScript

In this session Stefano will explain how to translate a large application directly from javascript. This will include some discussion about Backbone, i18next library, common error and problems with multiple plurals and (multiple)other language differences.

Stefano Solinas

Stefano is currently a JavaScript developer, spare time designer, and forum fairy when in a good mood.

Server-Sent Events: half of the WebSocket, twice the speed

In this talk, you'll learn the simple API for pushing events from Node or PHP (or any other server) to web browsers.

Kornel Lesinski

Kornel Lesinski is a London-based web developer who participated in designing the Server-Sent Events specification at the WHATWG.

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