Meet up

Why would a system administrator care about ClojureScript?

Tuesday, 3rd September at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in September 2013


The REPL, an innovative way to troubleshoot Java/JVM processes

Mathieu Gauthron

Mathieu Gauthron is a distributed computing and BigData expert, working day-to-day with a variety of technologies and languages. He provides solutions for large enterprise applications looking to scale with simplicity.

In his pursuit of reducing IT's ever growing complexity, his interest has turned towards the use of functional languages and live programming technologies such as Clojure. He believes the use of such tools can take software development where it should be: reducing time to market, simple and maintainable.

Why would a system administrator care about ClojureScript?

Philip Potter

Philip Potter is a Web Operations Engineer for the Government Digital Service. He was a member of the infrastructure team that built GOV.UK, the website of the British Government.

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