Meet up


Wednesday, 1st October at Sekforde Street, London

This meetup is run by GGUG: Groovy & Grails User Group London. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Effective Testing on Grails

The aim of this talk is to cover, by example, a number of different grails testing scenarios from request to response. Will we discuss the application and appropriateness of unit, integration and acceptance tests and include testing frameworks such as jsunit, webtest, selenium and httpunit aside from the standard out-of-the-box test mechanisms provided by grails.

Gus Power

Co-founder of Energized Work Ltd. Gus is passionate about delivering high quality software first and foremost and having fun in the process.

Jerome Pimmel

Energized Work consultant & developer who is passionate about development as a craft and uses a test-driven approach as a means to deliver high quality end product.

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