Meet up

Lockless Tables, NegaMax, and Numerical Optimization in Machine Learning

Wednesday, 2nd October in London

This meetup was organised by The London Big-O Meetup in October 2013


Our second meetup! After a brief introduction from myself we have two excellent talks lined up (see below). We will kickoff at 6:30pm sharp so please be on time. Do join us in the pub afterwards.

Numerical Optimization

In this talk I want to give an overview of multivariate numerical optimization. I'll cover line search, gradient descent, Newton methods and quasi-Newton methods. The goal of the talk will be for people to understand the different properties of different algorithms.

Implementing Lock-less Look Up Tables in a NegaMax Search

In this talk we will closely follow the example of a chess engine as an application of negamax search and explore the implementation of such a lock-less look up table.

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