Meet up

Modelling your data with Graphs - from theory to practice

Wednesday, 29th January at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by Neo4J User Group. Starts at 6:30 PM.

In this meetup, we will have two talks that provide insight and experiences from modeling data in a graphy way, and storing this data in neo4j.

Graph Database Modelling

In this talk, Ian will be discussing the basic best practices for modelling certain aspects of domains and apply these to concrete modelling problems - based on his experience of working on neo4j project for several years.

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is Director of Customer Success for Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j, the popular open source graph database.

A practitioners guide to graph modelling

Michal has been delivering some of the most challenging neo4j projects, and will present his experience so that beginners will benefit. At the same time, he will also present some hardware sizing and performance tuning tips that will help you get started.

Michal Bachman

Michal Bachman is Founder and Principal Consultant at GraphAware, where he helps companies of all sizes succeed with Neo4j. He's also a certified Spring trainer.

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