Meet up

High-Level Concurrency: Akka Actors and Java EE 7 EJBs

Wednesday, 5th February in London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in February 2014


High-Level Concurrency: Akka Actors and Java EE 7 EJBs

At LSUG's first meetup of 2014 Gerald Loeffler gives a succinct explanation and critical comparison of the defining architectural principles and coding styles in Akka Actors and Java EE 7 Enterprise JavaBeans (in particular JMS MDBs and session beans with asynchronous business methods).

Although Akka has a Java binding and Java EE is, obviously, a Java standard, this comparison will focus on usage from - and code in - Scala.

Enjoy the Skills Cast and grab slides via the following link.

Gerald Loeffler

Dr Gerald Loeffler architects, designs, implements and integrates software-intensive systems using object-oriented and functional languages on the JVM, typically in a Java EE environment, doing whatever it takes to guide a project to success.

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