Meet up

LRUG Lightning Talks - Ruby and Rails

Monday, 9th February at Sekforde Street, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in February 2009


His Twit 4 Dead bots (Francis, Louis, Zoey & Bill)

Tom Armitage

Tom Armitage describes the majority of what he does as “making interesting things on the web”. That “making” takes several forms: from high-level product design, through information design and architecture to the code itself.

Ruby Smokes - A proposal for smoke testing ruby

Steve Ganly

Steve is an old-school Unix Hacker that used to greatly enjoy thinking up short evocative names for large and frighteningly expensive machines.

Ruby and XMPP

Thomas Pomfret

Thomas Pomfret is VP Technology at Mint Digital ( Mint conceives, builds and runs mass-participation Rails websites and Thomas is responsible for building and maintaining all of Mint’s UK web applications.

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