Meet up

Rhino Mocks, Automocking and MOQ

Monday, 23rd March at Sekforde Street, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in March 2009


Rhino Mocks and Automocking

Mike Hadlow

Mike Hadlow works as a freelance .NET developer and architect. For the last few years he's been especially interested in messaging systems and service oriented architectures. He writes a blog, 'Code Rant', and is the author of several open source projects including Suteki Shop, an eCommerce framework, and EasyNetQ, a simple API for RabbitMQ. He lives in Lewes on the south coast of the UK.

Introduction to Moq

Abid Quereshi

For over 22 years Abid Quereshi has helped over 50 organisations in 15 countries increase business agility. The insights he brings to the classroom are based on direct experience in developing, testing, specifying and tracking on real software projects.

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