Wednesday, 8th July in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in July 2009


July 2009 Meeting Agenda Do Mix Your Drinks Ruby+Arduino

Do Mix Your Drinks

Tom talks on the possiblities and advantages of abstract algebra in the ruby language. In a mathematical way he explains the thoery of abstract algebra with logical conclusions.

Tom Stuart

Tom is a computer scientist and programmer. He has lectured on optimising compilers at the University of Cambridge, co-organises the Ruby Manor conference, and is a member of the London Ruby User Group.


Tomasz demonstrates how ruby can be used with arduino, stating that this is achieved not directly with ruby code, but it also requires a C++ driver that delivers the required data from the arduino hardware.

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

Ruby hacker from ancient days before Rails. Still write Open Source software for fun.

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