Meet up

In the Brain of Michael Delaney,Rake.NET & Iron Ruby

Tuesday, 16th June in London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in June 2009


At this In-the-Brain session on Rake and on IronRuby, we will have two speakers and talks. Peter Mounce will talk about using Ruby rake to aid with automating .NET software builds. Michael Delaney will talk about Iron Ruby, a .NET implementation of the Ruby programming language.


Peter Mounce

I have worked in developer teams, an operations team, and been a generalist shipping software for JUST EAT since 2010 (with a few years doing that elsewhere first). I've lived through cultural and technological change and played a role in effecting it. I had a pivotal role in migrating our platform from a datacentre to the AWS cloud - consequently, we now do tens of deployments a week compared to a tens a year. I've automated systems, tests, servers, and in some cases myself. I've touched many parts of the platform and delude myself that I do an OK job at that.

Iron Ruby

Michael Delaney

Michael Delaney is CTO of Elevate, a next generation SAAS company. He manages all technical direction and development for the elevate platform.

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