Meet up


Monday, 15th June at University of Manchester Core Technology Facility, Manchester

This meetup was organised by Manchester Spring User Group in June 2009


Grails eye for the Spring guy

Russ Miles

Russ Miles is CEO and co-founder of Reliably, where he and his team build products and services that help developers build and run reliable systems. Russ is co-founder of the free and open source Chaos Toolkit project, and is also an international consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. His most recent book, "Learning Chaos Engineering" by O'Reilly Media explores how to build trust and confidence in modern, complex systems by applying chaos engineering to surface evidence of system weaknesses before they affect your users.

Spring in Government - Improving System and Personal Performance

Paul Sweby

Paul Sweby has been in IT since 1996 and now works for Capgemini. He has worked on projects within transport, insurance and public sectors. Since 2000 Paul has primarily used Java technology, and is Java Technical Governance Lead for his region.

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