Meet up

Testing Grails Applications with Selenium RC

Friday, 20th November at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by GGUG: Groovy & Grails User Group London in November 2009


Testing Grails Applications with Selenium RC

Robert Fletcher

Rob Fletcher has been developing web apps for 15 years. He’s contributed to various open-source projects including Grails for which he worked on the core as well as developing a range of plugins.

RIA without the Javascript - GWT and Grails

Peter Ledbrook

Peter is a long time Java developer and one of the core Grails committers. He has been developing with Grails since version 0.2 (give or take 0.1). He created the GWT Grails plugin as an exercise to see whether it was possible, but it has since grown into something that can support serious development.

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