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CQRS Pattern, Event Sourcing and Their Real-World Applications

Thursday, 4th March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in March 2010


CQRS Pattern, Event Sourcing and Their Real World Applications

In this talk, Neil Robbins shares his experience gained on two projects involving the development of systems which seek to follow this pattern, one in insurance & one in public examinations.

His experience, and that of his colleagues, has been that the systems built following this pattern have been more flexible, simpler, and quicker to develop than had been achieved following more conventional ActiveRecord/DDD approaches. <

After a brief overview of the CQRS pattern, and another pattern, Event Sourcing, which is commonly used with it, Neil dives into the real world experiences (good and bad) that he and his team gained, applying this pattern.

Upon watching this SkillsCast recording of his talk, Neil hopes you will know a little more about the CQRS pattern, when it can be useful, and how it can be applied.

If watching this SkillsCast of Neil's talk inspired you to learn more about CQRS, event-sourcing and DDD, you may like to check out the following resources:

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Neil Robbins

Neil is currently working as an applications architect at a multinational insurance company based in the City. He has previously worked variously as a developer, architect, and consultant.

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