Meet up

A look at transport graphs!

Wednesday, 26th February in London

This meetup was organised by Neo4J User Group in February 2014


Interested in taking a look at graphs in a different light? Join Ben Earlham, Ian Cartwright and Jacqui Read for this months meetup with a transport theme which feature graphs of the Manchester tram system and UK road network.

Roads, Nodes, and Automobiles

Or, how sat-nav could use a Neo4j graph.

Jacqui will share how what seemed like a simple graph gist, to map UK road networks, quickly changed into a very complex set of nodes, connections and properties to enable navigation from A to B. There will also be a brief introduction to graph gists and how useful they can be.

Jacqui Read

Jacqui Read is a Web Application Developer, primarily working with .Net MVC coding in C#, using Razor, Linq, SQL, and JQuery among others.

Transport Network Route Finding Using A Graph

From zero to MVP in a 5 week tech lab.

Ian and Ben will share their experiences of building a route finding application for Manchester's Metrolink system ( using open data (GTFS) and Neo4j. They will touch on the data they had to work with, the modelling process (successes and failures), and the importance of time in the model.

Ben Earlham

Ben Earlham is a senior consultant at Thoughtworks.

Ian Cartwright

Ian Cartwright is a director at Thoughtworks.

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