Meet up

Software Craftsmanship

Wednesday, 10th March in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in March 2010


This month Chris Parsons and Corey Haines will be leading us in an evening of exploration of the ideas behind Software Craftsmanship.

Software Craftsmanship Ideas & Eden

Chris Parsons will talk about how craftsmanship ideas have been applied at Eden, showing there doesn't have to be a conflict between these two goals.

Chris Parsons

Chris is an an experienced technical leader, programmer, speaker and trainer with a strong business and commercial focus. He runs technology as CTO of Gower Street, a growing data analytics company in the movie business. He has consulted in technical architecture, agile management and adoption, and advised C-level executives on product strategy and how to manage technical teams. He has trained and coached technical teams in BDD, automated testing, clean code and great team practices. He has been writing software professionally for 20 years in a wide range of sectors.

Software Craftsmanship Terminology

Corey will discuss the lingo of software craftsmanship, describing concrete definitions that go past the FUD often associated with them.

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