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Examples Soup-to-Nuts - from Ideas to Automation

Thursday, 20th March in London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in March 2014


Examples Soup-to-Nuts - from Ideas to Automation

Are you interested in exploring real-life examples of BDD techniques and processes, worked start to finish? In this interactive workshop the Sparkle team will share their application of BDD techniques, from ideas to automation.

Jenny and Pete will talk through how they placed the Business at the heart of product development using highly collaborative techniques such as Impact Mapping, Dream Demo Visualisation and Specification by Example, and in particular the value of using examples at all levels of collaboration.

The team will show how they achieved their aspirations of highly reusable, relevant & enduring business-facing documentation through implementation of a domain-driven living documentation system with componentised examples at the foundation.

Expect an exploration of the Feedback Onion and how the team can accelerate delivery and respond quickly to constantly changing market pressures by using lean principles with a laser focus on maximising opportunities for feedback and learning.

The workshop will also explore some specific approaches to automation, using examples and continuous acceptance to support the right conversations at the right levels, with targeted implementation of executable specifications to support the living document.

Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin coaches in Agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation gaming. She has a deep appreciation for business goal segmentation and the visualization of what she labels ‘horizons of value’ within business strategy.

Pete Buckney

Pete is CTO at Railsbank - enabling fintech companies to access global banking with 5 lines of code, and driving the costs out of finance infrastructure so finance can be more inclusive and less abusive.

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