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Text Analytics in the cloud - AnnoMarket hack evening

Thursday, 6th March in London

This meetup was organised by Women in Data in March 2014


Text Analytics in the cloud - AnnoMarket hack evening

Want to find out about AnnoMarket, the new cloud-based marketplace for text analytics services? Then come to this hands on session where we delve into the platform which has been built by a pan-European consortium, and aims to disrupt the market by making access to world-class text analysis more affordable for SMEs and individuals than it's ever been before.

The session will take the form of an introductory walkthrough followed by a chance for participants to do some text processing themselves and discuss the results. We will provide food and drink, and every attendee will receive a voucher which is good for up to 10,000 API calls on the platform

Yodit Stanton

Founder of Atomic data labs, working on making apps a bit cleverer.

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