Meet up

Rage against the state machine and Marketing for developers

Monday, 10th March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in March 2014


Rage against the state machine

A story about the problems we faced modelling state and recording state changes at GoCardless and how we generalised our solution to those problems into a new gem, Git Hub Statesman

Andy Appleton

Andy is a web developer who loves HTML, CSS and especially Javascript. He writes Javacript and Ruby at @GoCardless and when given the choice works with Ruby on Rails or Node.js.

Building a SOA network of daemons with Go, Ruby and ZMQ

Ismael Celis

Ismael is a developer at Thoughtbot London. Ruby and Go, he can talk about APIs for way too long.

Marketing for Developers

Derek Hill is relatively new to Ruby, but has got lots of experience in marketing. Over the last two years he has spoken to many experienced devs about their marketing challenges, and witnessed how simple marketing mistakes can derail a project. In the consumer goods industry marketing is a discipline, with structured ways of working through it. He will demonstrate that this structure works well for tech startups, and give you a practical checklist you can apply.

Derek Hill

Derek Hill has 15 years marketing experience with Unilever on brands like Axe, Surf and Dove. Most recently Director – Return on Marketing investment. As well as a specialist in the design and deployment of user-friendly apps and metrics which help big organizations be agile and responsive in the market.

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