Meet up

Designing and Developing Reactive User Interfaces

Monday, 24th March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in March 2014


Designing and Developing Reactive User Interfaces

We will use a reference application to show case problems and solutions. This reference application is a working sample trading application with client and server components. The source code will be open-sourced in a matter of weeks. The presentation will be written in .NET and make heavy use of Reactive Extensions (Rx), but the presentation will target developers of UI platforms such as Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell is a .NET Developer, consultant and author of the popular Introduction to Rx book & website. He has been working in London for the past 6 years on front office financial trading applications.

Matt Barrett

Matt Barrett is a co-founder and director of Adaptive; a high level software consultancy group targeting the financial industry. Matt has built highly resilient back-end systems & rich user interfaces, for Desktop, Web and embedded systems.

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