In the Brain

Headless BDD & Responsive Test Automation

Monday, 28th April at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by Skills Matter In The Brain. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Headless BDD & Responsive Test Automation

Find that with Behaviour Driven Development, running scenarios in the real browser are brittle, hard to maintain and time consuming? Using Headless browsers like PhantomJS and Zombie, we can speed up entire BDD process. Join Shashikant Jagtap who will take you through headless drivers which can be used with popular BDD tools like Cucumber and Behat.

This live demo will cover following topic

  • How BDD tools works with acceptance tests and Headless drivers
  • Benefits of using Headless Drivers
  • Introduction to PhantomJS & Zombie
  • up Cucumber+Capybara+Poltergeist
  • Setting up Behat+Mink+Zombie
  • Automating responsive websites with Headless drivers
Shashikant Jagtap

Shashikant is a software professional, he loves automating software delivery using DevOps and test automation tools. Shashikant uses Apple Developer tools like Swift, Xcode, XCTest, Xcode Server. In addition to Open-Source Contributor and is the author of BDDfire (Ruby) and XCFit (Swift) framework.

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