Meet up

Type Provider Treasure Hunt

Thursday, 27th March in London

This meetup was organised by F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group in March 2014


Type Provider Treasure Hunt

Type provides completely change the story by integrating data directly in the language. This makes it possible to access a wide range of data sources in a type-safe way with full IDE integration. In this session, we’ll look at type providers for CSV, XML and JSON files, accessing data from online stores like Freebase and WorldBank and calling REST based and WSDL based web services. As a bonus, we’ll have a quick look at FunScript, which makes it possible to compile to write single-page JavaScript apps using F# and just another type provider!

The session will be a mix of demos and interactive tasks. We’ll finish with a treasure hunt competition where you’ll have to find clues from 6 different data sources and combine them to find a secret phrase!

Phil Trelford

Phil is an active member of the software development community, regularly attending and speaking at user groups and conferences, blogging and contributing to open source projects. He is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.

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