Wednesday, 14th May at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in May 2014


Are you interested in Command Query Responsibility Segregation? Or would you like to taker a closer look at the problems functional programmers face when using the Apache POI library? If so, make sure you join London Scala who are dedicating this month's meetup to CQRS, Scala and a presentation of Spoiwo.

CQRS & Scala

How well does CQRS integrate with Scala? Does it play nicely with Futures and Akka?

CQRS or Command Query Responsibility Segregation is a popular design pattern used across many different languages. Over the past several years Jamie has been building up templates and patterns for use in the building of Scala services. He now wishes to expose them to the world, hopefully for the benefit of all of us! Watch this SkillsCast to check out what Jamie has been up to.

Jamie Pullar

Jamie is a senior developer in Concentra's Product Development Team. Having spent the last 4 years developing services in Scala, Jamie has been focused on taking service orientated architecture patterns into the functional space. Hailing from a background in maths, he seems to take a perverse pleasure in finding new ways to abstract problems. Most of his work is in back-end services and modelling.


Keep finding you face issues as a functional programmer when using the Apache POI library?

This session will run through the standard way to do it in Java and a presentation of spoiwo - a DSL-style wrapper library over apache POI, which would allow generating Excel spreadsheet in the functional manner i.e.:


    name = "new sheet",
    rows = Row(Cell(1), Cell(1.2), Cell("This is a string"), Cell(true)) :: Nil
Norbert Radyk

A senior developer, technical architect and development lead with over 5 years of experience in the major Tier 1 investment banks.

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