Meet up

Microservices: So Crazy It Just Might Work

Tuesday, 17th June at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in June 2014


Microservices: So Crazy It Just Might Work

We'll review the brief history of microservices and discuss of the pros and cons of this design style. We will ask questions like: * What are the historical antecedents of microservices architectures and why are they coming to the fore now? * What is the value of unit testing when your units are independent services implemented in 100 lines of code or less? * How might you manage risks in a microservices system, such as unwanted emergent behaviour and component failure? * What might a microservices development team look like? What skills should team members have (or develop) and what roles will they play?

Bring a laptop running a compiler or interpreter for your favourite language if you'd like to try building a working component in a microservices system.

Douglas Squirrel

Douglas Squirrel has been coding for 40 years and has led software teams for 18 of them. A London-based executive coach and consulting CTO, Douglas makes use of his extensive experience growing teams to advise startup founders and senior managers at companies such as Nested,, DueDil, Trussle, and MarketInvoice. His previous roles include founding CTO at TIM Group and vice president of engineering at ecommerce startup Secretsales.

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