Meet up

Type Provider to Azure

Thursday, 12th June at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by F# Londoners in June 2014


Type Provider to Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a number of flexible options to act as a low-cost, high-performance and reliable data-store, whilst one of F#’s biggest strengths is its ability to quickly and easily parse and analyse data.

In this talk, you will see:

  • How to use the Azure Portal and Visual Studio to quickly and easily create and manage Azure storage

  • What the different storage options offered by Microsoft Azure areWhy you would use Azure storage over other databases

  • How the Azure Storage Type Provider can drastically lower the barrier to entry to getting up and running with programming against Azure

Isaac Abraham

Isaac Abraham is an F# MVP and a .NET developer since .NET 1.0 with an interest in cloud computing and distributed data problems. He nowadays lives in both the UK and Germany and is the director of Compositional IT. He specializes in consultancy, training and development, helping customers adopt high-quality, functional-first solutions on the .NET platform.

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