Meet up

Learning to Code, How to win developers and Deprecating ActiveResource

Monday, 12th May at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in May 2014


Deprecating ActiveResource: Alternative Approaches for Internal Rails Services

The allure of such a simple interface to a network service is undeniable, but the downsides not nearly as obvious. Many have built Rails apps relying on ActiveResource only to feel significant unforeseen pain down the line.

This talk provides a case study of an early adopter of ActiveResource during the Rails 1.2 era, the pain that it led to, and the eventual replacement of ActiveResource with a bespoke private gem that provides a similar, but more robust interface.

Gabe Da Silveira

Web is a passion of Gabe's, has been been building sites since 1995 and is the co-founder and tech lead at MUBI. He writes about back and front end programming, user interface and graphic design, server administration, developer tools, and technical politics.

Learning to Code

Angela Ebirim has been attending the Funding Circle Code Craft course

Angela Ebirim

Tech Entrepreneur, Ruby on Rails software engineer and triathlete-in-training

How to win developers and influence designers

In 1936, Dale Carnegie wrote the book “How to win friends and influence people." You may have heard of it. But what can this book, and others, teach us about working as part of a software team today? Quite a lot, actually.

Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers is a program writer for Mint Digital, who loves ruby!

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