Meet up

Introduction to Jade and AngularJS

Monday, 19th May in London

This meetup was organised by Mean Stack in May 2014


Have you heard of Jade - a templating engine for node and want to know find out more? Or new to AngularJS and looking for a basic introduction? By attending this month's MeanStack Meetup you will leave with an introduction to both, delivered by two fantastic experts.

Introduction to Jade

The presentation will discuss what Jade is capable of, it’s pros and cons and use cases with ExpressJS but overall trying to convince you why it’s a technology that you should start using straight away.

John Doe

John is a passionate front end developer and open source advocate with a strong grasp of all things HTML, JS and CSS.

Introduction to AngularJS

The presentation will give the audience an introduction to AngularJS describing the basics such as data-binding, expressions and directives. The talk is suited for people who are completely new to the framework.

Tamas Piros

Tamas worked as a software engineer, professional services consultant for a satellite communications firm and currently he is a technical trainer at a NoSQL company. He’s a JavaScript hobbyist with a great admiration for the MEAN stack. He is also authoring a book on AngularJS.

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