Meet up

Women In Data with Bodil Stokke and Beth Granter

Thursday, 12th June at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Women in Data in June 2014


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Beth Granter

An experienced consultant with an incredibly deep understanding of many social analytics tools, Beth joined Brilliant Noise from NixonMcInnes. Among her accomplishments are developing a robust social media ROI model, designing an award-winning social media customer care programme and devising a digital literacy training programme.

A Gentle Introduction to Mad Computer Science

Idris is a new academic programming language with a dependent type system of unprecedented power. And, remarkably for an academic programming language, it's actually a general purpose language that you can use to write real programs as opposed to just proving theorems and publishing papers. It's what all the cool kids are talking about ("all the cool kids" is code for me) and it seems to be headed straight for world domination ("world domination" is code for more than 10 people), so I would like to give you a gentle and brief introduction to Idris and dependent types, and try to explain why they're so amazing, and afterwards maybe you'll want to join the Idris revolution as well (or maybe run away screaming which is fine too).

Bodil Stokke

Bodil works as a computer science researcher for a secretive think tank, and is a world renowned expert in varied fields such as pizza and persistent data structures. Contrary to popular rumour, she only has five fingers on each hand, but is still an Emacs user.

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