Meet up

Designing and Prototyping APIs

Wednesday, 2nd July at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by London API Group in July 2014


Interfake and prototyping APIs

It can help to get a working prototype fast in order to drive development and realise the best design by trying them out as you go.

I'm going to introduce you to API prototyping and show you how my home-grown tool, Interfake, can help with that process. It's cool.

Feel free to bring a laptop and try it out as we go, all you need is npm installed.

Daniel Hough

Daniel is a developer who believes strongly in learning by doing. He abhors 100-page design documents, he can't be bothered with meetings where 12 opinions are expressed and no decisions are made, and he's against the "throw it over the wall" approach to design & development.

API Design

A Unified API is a must for any business sourcing data from many places.

Using lessons learned, Simon will talk you through the issues many people encounter and demonstrate how there is another way. A better way, where you can reduce risk, speed up your apps and separate business data/product data from application implementation.All this and more comes from good API design!

Simon Wood

Simon is a passionate tech/geek. Over the past 15 years he has progressed through the roles of Developer, Technical Manager, Systems Architect and is currently Head of Technology and Innovation at the Shortbreaks and New Ventures division of Holiday Extras, a travel technology company where he has worked for the last 9 years.

Who's coming?

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