Meet up

Responsive Javascript and Unit Testing Throughout the MEAN Stack

Wednesday, 13th August in London

This meetup was organised by Mean Stack in August 2014


For more information on unit testing throughout the MEAN Stack & building better experiences with Responsive Javascript, join Mean Stack this month for two talks by Marton Hipszki and Jonathan Fielding.

Unit testing throughout the MEAN stack

Join Marton Hipszki as we explore end-to-end unit testing.

1. Set up your environment.

  • Node / Mocha / Expect / Should
  • Angular / Karma+Jasmine / Protractor

2. From user story level to writing tests first.

  • turning Acceptance Criteria to tasks
  • breaking down your tasks to doable subtasks

3. Turn user stories to end-to-end tests.

  • add Protractor e2e tests for user journeys

4. Make your backend API rock solid.

  • add Mocha integration tests to cover API endpoints

5. Going down in the testing pyramid.

  • cross browser Jasmine unit testing Angular services / controllers
  • unit testing API endpoint handlers
  • mocking dependencies, speed up tests

6. How automated tests pay off.

  • why automated testing is mandatory?
  • why add unit tests beside integration tests?
  • breaking your code with confidence
  • saving time immediately
Marton Hipszki

Marton is an engineer by heart, always focusing on delivering quality software. He enjoys writing full spectrum Javascript all the way from backend to frontend while advocating agile practices. In his free time he’s mentoring others to become a pragmatic Javascript developer.

Building Better Experiences with Responsive Javascript

Responsive design has thus far focused on using media queries to alter the way our site looks using CSS. The next step is to look at how we can progressively enhance our site based on the the features of the device.

This is going beyond what CSS can offer and moving into the realms of responsive javascript.

There are already new browser API’s are arriving to enables this, with the matchMedia API we can target specific functionality based on whether a media query matches.

Jonathan Fielding

Jonathan Fielding is a web developer that works in the marketing industry developing websites for clients like Virgin Active, Vodafone, Sony and BT.

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