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Swift London | October Talks

Tuesday, 21st October in London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in October 2014


Join Swift London for their Fourth Talks night this October!


Gen Ashley

Gen is a Director of Women Who Code London and is a very active leader in the Tech community in London. Aside from her involvement with Women Who Code she is a Lead for Google Women Techmakers London, NASA Space Apps Challenge London, Twitter Developer Community London and Google Developer Groups London.

Swift: past, present, and future

Technologies don’t exist in a vacuum. In this talk, Aral will put Swift in historical context alongside C, C++, and Objective-C and explore possible future trajectories for how Swift can evolve and what role independent technology might play in this.

Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan is founder and lead designer of — the independent technology initiative. He works on creating independent technologies that protect individual freedoms, human rights, and democracy.

Swifter Swift

In this talk, Joseph Lord introduces us to some tips and tricks for making your Swift code fly, with a live demo of the differences that a little bit of optimisation can make.

Joseph Lord

Joseph studied Computer Science at Cambridge University and since then worked at the BBC and Sony for about five years each before starting his own company Human Friendly Ltd. about 3 years ago and starting iOS development (and some Ruby and Rails too). He is currently looking for new exciting opportunities and available for employment, contracting or coaching in iOS (Objective-C or Swift). He has been playing with Swift and writing about it since it was announced.

ReactiveCocoa and Swift, Better Together

ReactiveCocoa is an elegant framework that radically changes the way we structure our applications and handle flows of data. However, it's beauty is somewhat marred by Objective-C! In this talk I will cover the basics of ReactiveCocoa and the principles of Functional Reactive Programming. Through simple practical examples I will show how ReactiveCocoa and Swift form a beautiful partnership.

Colin Eberhardt

Colin's business card says 'Technology Director' and he works at a UK-based software consultancy, however, he thinks of himself as a technology enthusiast. Colin has been working in software for many years, and has never stopped exploring, learning and creating. He writes a lot, speak a lot and code a lot. He likes telling stories, he likes his presentations to have a narrative. He likes people to feel educated, but more than anything else, he wants them to just enjoy it and have fun.

CocoaPods: Pioneering Swift

We have got used to the convenience of a Cocoa dependency manager. Then Apple introduced Dynamic Frameworks on iOS and never gave support for Static Libraries with Swift. While we are still able to consume Objective-C Pods from our Swift apps, we can't bring the new convenient language to our existing and growing iOS applications without getting hands-on to Xcode's build settings and wasting time setting up our various third-party dependencies on our own. Time to fix that!

Marius is CTO of paij, and recently joined the CocoaPods team as Core Member, where he is amongst other things pioneering Swift and Framework support. Aside that he is an active OSS contributor, a passionate Ruby & mobile developer and exploring the borders of Swift since it was announced.

Marius Rackwitz

Marius has been developing mobile & web applications ever since he graduated from university. In more recent years, he's shifted his focus towards mobile development, especially iOS and Objective-C, and now a much larger portion of Swift. With his work on the CocoaPods team, he hasn't forgotten about Ruby either.

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