Meet up

#PCM14 and #PWorld14 Catch ups, building PDI Plugins and Apache OODT

Tuesday, 2nd December in London

This meetup was organised by Pentaho London User Group in December 2014


Join Pentaho London User Group this month for two brilliant talks by Murray Vanwyck and Tom Barber!

Building Plugins for PDI/Kettle

Mattia Ballarin of Aimia gives a short talk on building plugins for PDI/Kettle.

Pentaho Positioning

Pedro Alves gives a overview of Pentaho's positioning in the today's current big data world, looking at what the future has in stall for the platform.

Pedro Alves

Pentaho BI Specialist, author CDF, CDE, CDA, CCC (...), founder of and member of Mozilla Metrics team

#PCM14 and #PWorld14 Catch ups

Dan Keeley gives a quick review of #PCM14 - Pentaho Community Meetup 2014 (Belgium) and also covers #PWorld14 - Pentaho World.

Dan Keeley

Dan Keeley is an established independent Pentaho consultant having experience of the complete stack since inception. A well known member in the Pentaho community, founder of the PLUG events and keen to improve uptake of OSBI in the UK.

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