Meet up

LRUG: January 2015 Meetup

Monday, 12th January in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in January 2015


PeerConnect all the things

Tom Cartwright

Superlative! Dangling modifier. Also Lead Dev @ Keepmebooked

Telling stories through your commits

Joel Chippindale

Joel Chippindale is the CTO at Unmade, a global fashion software company offering delightful customisation experiences that power Fashion Driven by Demand. He has been building effective software teams for over a decade and feels lucky to be in a role that mostly involves saying ‘yes’ to people when they inevitably think of better ways of doing things than he possibly could.

Who’s afraid of database views?

But, there are circumstances where it makes sense to leverage features of a database and in this talk I'll cover one of those features in Views.

I'll walk through examples of why you might want logic in two places, how views compare to caching for performance considerations, using views as a facade on legacy tables and how to test views alongside your application.

Who's coming?

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