Meet up

Swift London: Watchkit and Beauty by Default

Tuesday, 20th January at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in January 2015


Swift: Beauty by Default

Tammo Freese

Tammo is founder and CEO of FlockOfBirds. He is an iPhone, iPad and Mac developer as well as a self described extreme programmer.

AudioKit and Swift

Simon is the creator of NodalityApp, a node based image processing for iPad, written in Swift.

Simon Gladman

ActionScript, AGAL and Flex Developer. Reaction Diffusion Geek. Swift Newbie. Creator of Nodality - node based image processing for iPad.

Beyond 'if let'

Elaborating on his recent article 'How I Handle Optionals In Swift', Joseph will offer well contested advice on the best ways to use Optionals in Swift. Covering five additional techniques that reduce the need to use 'if let', he'll help you avoid the infamous Swift "Pyramid of Doom".

"I take an extreme line on optionals and do not make use of implicitly unwrapped optionals and very rarely uses force unwrapping. The talk will cover a range of approaches to optionals and where appropriate their disadvantages. I will also briefly cover a custom operator that I use to get the best of both worlds."

Additional topics include:
- When 'if let' should be used
- The disadvantage of not using '!'
- The custom '!!' Asserting Nil-Coalescing Operator

Joseph Lord

Joseph studied Computer Science at Cambridge University and since then worked at the BBC and Sony for about five years each before starting his own company Human Friendly Ltd. about 3 years ago and starting iOS development (and some Ruby and Rails too). He is currently looking for new exciting opportunities and available for employment, contracting or coaching in iOS (Objective-C or Swift). He has been playing with Swift and writing about it since it was announced.

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