Meet up

The Actor Model in F# and Akka.Net

Monday, 13th April at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by F# Londoners in April 2015


The Actor Model in F# and Akka.Net

F# agents by themselves allow you to define an asynchronous encapsulated sub-process that you can design to reply asynchronously to certain types of messages We'll briefly cover core functional characteristics that are especially suited to write agent based applications, then we’ll move on to examples of MailboxProcessors and delve into the Akka.Net library to demonstrate scalable, responsive and resilient code that provides support for local and remote high performance I/O operations.

Riccardo Terrell

Riccardo is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is active in the .NET, functional programming, and F# communities.He is passionate about integrating advanced technology tools to increase internal efficiency, enhance work productivity, and reduce operating costs.

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