Meet up

LRUG: Lightening Talks Evening

Monday, 9th February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in February 2015


Join the London Ruby User Group this month for an excellent evening of Lightening Talks!

Ruby: The Weird Bits

Alex Sunderland presents his lightning talk on the weird bits of Ruby.

Sorting out Colour

In this lightning talk Pip Taylor talks about Sorting out Colour with Ruby .

Tech Evangelism

In this lightning session Michael Wawra speaks about tech evangelism drawing from his experience at Twilio.

How to help beginners learn to code

In this lightning session Evgeny Shadchnev what he has learn from teaching over 300 beginners how to code.

Evgeny Shadchnev

Evgeny Shadchnev is a Senior Developer at TrafficBroker.

Introducing YourNextMP

In this lightning session Mark Longair speaks about the Democracy Club project 'YourNextMP', a democracy enabling website for the british electorate.

Microaggression Impact on Women in IT

In this lightning session Paula Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer at CloudCredo talks about Microaggression in the IT industry and the effect on women.

Finding and taking opportunities in the enterprise

In this lightning session Andrew Donovan gives a power walk through his experiences in the enterprise and how opportunities he has found could be employed by the ruby community.

A library for handling postcodes

In this lightning session Paul Battley speaks about building a library for handling postcodes.

Paul Battley

Paul Battley has been using Ruby since 2002, and getting paid for it for the last couple of years. Since the end of 2005, he works at Reevoo, where he works full-time on Ruby on Rails based applications.

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