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Swift London | Talks - Swift, JSON and Nothingness

Tuesday, 17th February in London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in February 2015


This month at Swift London Talks we enjoy an in depth tour of Swift & JSON by Anthony Levings as well as a existentialist take on the Swift programming language by Al Skipp. We also welcome Joseph Lord who will be speaking about Swift 1.2 Beta.

Swift and JSON: Are we doing it right?

Looking back it seems that JSON was so easy when we were working with Objective-C, because NSArrays and NSDictionaries were just so compatible with JSON structures and all the nesting that goes with it. But I want to look past the hurdles, in fact I want to flip the whole thing around and think about what happens if we start looking at how JSON can change to fit the Swift way of doing things. At least that’s the larger plan, because this talk is a precursor to a talk that I will be delivering at Swift Summit. So here the first job will be to consider what has been written already about Swift and JSON, and the libraries that have been made available, and where these things fit with the idea that it might well be the approach to JSON that needs to change rather than Swift.

I’m not going to ignore the fact that JSON received from external sources via an API is outside our control, but by thinking about how we’d like JSON to be arranged in an ideal world we are provided with ways of thinking about data structures internal to our apps that go beyond simply mimicking the structure of the JSON received. Thus better optimising our code.

Anthony Levings

As Managing Editor at Gylphi Ltd with almost two decades in academic publishing, Anthony has always taken a close interest in electronic developments and web technologies. Anthony independently designed and developed Gylphi's eBook template, CSS and workflow for ePUB and Kindle.

Swift and Nothingness

Does it compile and why? So, a fifteen minute talk about nothing (berets are optional).

Al Skipp

Al Skipp is the creator of Chromophore (Designers’ colour collector for iOS) as well as an iOS dev, Swift fan and Haskell hacker.

Swift 1.2 Beta: An overview, and some thoughts

Joseph Lord

Joseph studied Computer Science at Cambridge University and since then worked at the BBC and Sony for about five years each before starting his own company Human Friendly Ltd. about 3 years ago and starting iOS development (and some Ruby and Rails too). He is currently looking for new exciting opportunities and available for employment, contracting or coaching in iOS (Objective-C or Swift). He has been playing with Swift and writing about it since it was announced.

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