Meet up

Deployment Infrastructure for Microservices

Wednesday, 1st July at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by London μServices (Microservices) User Group in July 2015


Orchestrating storage for a Docker microservices stack

Kai Davenport

Kai works on the developer relations team at ClusterHQ - the creators of Flocker.

Creating distributed applications with Weave and the Docker platform

Ilya Dmitrichenko

Ilya is a Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks, focused on making the adoption of microservices easier

Shape your Infrastructure with Terraform

Robert Firek

Robert Firek is a software developer who has tasted many different flavours of programming. His broad range of experiences has helped to deliver quality software in many companies and organisations. He strives to create software according to the rule "Simplicity is the final achievement". As a Waterfall apostate, he encourages people to embrace Agile techniques.

Modern Applications, Microservices and Pivotal CF

Sufyaan Kazi

Sufyaan leads the Pre-Sales team for Pivotal in UK and Ireland. He has previously worked as a code monkey, an architect and peacekeeper at IBM and Accenture, Wily Technologies as well as other consultancies in the APM and ECM spaces. He is a keen promoter of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and passionate about PaaS.

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