Meet up

Neo4j Driver Special: Graphing with Python, node.js, R and Java Spring Data

Wednesday, 25th February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Neo4J User Group in February 2015


Graphing with Spring

Vince Bickers

Vince Bickers is a Principal Consultant at GraphAware and the main author of Spring Data Neo4j (v4). He has been writing software and leading software development teams for almost 30 years, at organisations like Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Network Rail, UBS, VMWare, ConocoPhillips, Aviva, and British Gas.

Graphing with node.js

Dom Davis

Dom Davis is a veteran of The City and a casualty of The Financial Crisis. Not content with bringing the world to its knees he then went off to help break the internet before winding up in Norfolk. A seasoned developer, he is now CTO and technology evangelist at a shiny new startup that's doing bad things to innocent graphs. Dom is an enthusiastic and impassioned speaker [read: he gabbles] who uses a blend of irreverent sarcasm and flippant humour to bring complex subjects to a broad audience. Whether or not they understand him is up for debate, but he likes to believe they do.

Graphing with R

Mark Needham

Mark Needham is a graph advocate and Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j.

Graphing with Python

Nigel Small

Having begun BASIC programming on a Dragon 32 in 1983, I have always had a keen interest in technology. Over the past fifteen years, I have worked mainly in back-end system development and data management.

Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison is an Application Developer at onefinestay.

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