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Exploring #to_proc and pkgr

Monday, 9th March in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in March 2015


In this Month's meetup we welcome Paul Mucur who will explore #to_proc as well as Łukasz Korecki who will introduce us to the quick and easy way to package Ruby applications.

pkgr - Packaging Ruby applications with no sweat

In the life of every* project there is this moment where standard deployment methods just don’t cut it. You have many servers, many applications, many developers. It can become a mess very, very quickly.

Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own apt repository? When was the last time you were annoyed about slow deployment times because the asset pipeline needs to run every single server your app runs on? Oh and lets not mention installing ruby version managers on servers, ok? (Łukasz will though).

In this talk Łukasz will show how packaging (and deploying) Ruby applications doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming and can work with a project of any size.

  • - huge assumption warning!
Łukasz Korecki

I’m an experienced Clojure, Ruby, and Shell developer. In my professional career I have worked on client side projects (starting with old school tools like Prototype through Backbone to React), back-end applications (written in Clojure, Ruby and Go). Most recently I’ve co-founded NomNom and work as a CTO. I have a thing for LISPs.

Exploring #to_proc

In this session Paul Mucur takes a look at how some "odd syntax" introduced in Rails 1.1 and then added to Ruby itself might not solely be for the sake of convenience but hint at a more powerful idea seen in other programming languages.

Paul Mucur

Paul Mucur is a web application developer, RubyGem maintainer, jQuery plugin author, Ruby on Rails contributor, occasional tweeter and general lover of open-source

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