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Software Craftsmanship with Music and Financial Trading

Thursday, 16th April in London

This meetup was organised by London Software Craftsmanship Community in April 2015


30,000,000+ songs! Explore your favourite music with Spotify's JSON Web API, MVC5, Dapper and OAuth2

I will start from basics and move quickly - how to explore a JSON API with .NET using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE

  • Find Artists, Songs, Playlists and Users
  • Display great images and Artist Wikipedia articles
  • Create and follow playlists

Learn about OAuth2 - its seems complicated from the outside… I'll show you how to do it.

Use MVC5 simply and close to the metal with Dapper as a high performance ORM.

This is going to be a pragmatic (source on Github), entertaining, musically inspiring, fast paced talk… Enjoy!

Dave Mateer

Dave lives near Brighton and by day he works on large financial internal systems. Dave gets up at 5:30 most days to work on side projects because he loves to code :-) He then plays with his 5 month old daughter, usually listening to ABBA. Then mountain bikes to work dreaming of music and code…

Migrating to continuous delivery in the world of financial trading

In the world of financial trading, uptime and reliability are carefully monitored by financial regulators around the globe. In this talk, we look at the approaches and techniques IG have used to move to a continuous delivery model with their API layer that serves upwards of 600k requests per hour and is connected to by numerous different web, mobile and public API clients. We will explore the technical and organisational challenges faced along the way, as well as some of the unexpected benefits.

David Genn

David is CTO at Goji, an investment manager empowering direct lending investment. David loves building great software with amazing people.

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