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Hello Apple Watchkit! Deep Dive & Hands-On Workshop

Tuesday, 26th May in London

This meetup was organised by Women Who Code in May 2015


The Apple Watch is finally here and now is the perfect time to start developing your own WatchKit app.

Hello Apple Watchkit! Deep Dive & Hands-On Workshop

This is a two part Apple Watch special event!

The first part will take you on a technical deep dive of WatchKit and will include several interactive demo projects to get you started on your own WatchKit adventure.

The second part will give you an opportunity to get hands on.

Bring along your MacBook (make sure you have the latest Xcode). Don't worry if you are not an iOS Developer. We will look to pair people up so everyone can have a go.

Natasha Musharev

Addicted to learning. #iOS Engineer and robot. Currently learning #Swift and #WatchKit. Open source contributor. Speaker.

Hello World!

Emily Zheng

Emily recently started her journey as a coder. She used to work in finance managing hedge funds but got interested in coding. She is planning to live as a digital nomad in the next 6 months, travelling from one country to another.

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