Meet up

The 1st London RethinkDB Meetup!

Wednesday, 24th June in London

This meetup was organised by London RethinkDB Meetup Group in June 2015


This will be London RethinkDB's first ever meet up. Register now and find out more about RethinkDB during this event.

RethinkDB & Realtime Web

RethinkDB & Realtime Web

Gordon Dent

Gordon is a Developer. AI enthusiast. CTO & Founder of @workshape_io.

RethinkDB & GoLang

RethinkDB & GoLang

Daniel Cannon

Daniel is a Software Engineer at @Hailo.

RethinkDB & Cloud Deployment

RethinkDB & Cloud Deployment

DJ Walker-Morgan

DJ is a geek who writes, code or words currently engaged @composeio to do just that. Also blogs at and curates @hackwimbledon.

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