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London Django - August 2015 Meetup

Tuesday, 18th August in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in August 2015


This month's theme is all about how improving our Python skills can help us to be better Djangonauts

Introduction to Unicode

Maciej Dziardziel

Backend developer, focused on python and fulltext search.

How to easily deploy a django app on PyPI in 5 minutes

Have you created a Django app and want people to install it easily with pip? Let's use GitHub and TravisCI to deploy your app on PyPI, so easily that you'll wonder why you weren't doing it this way already.

Python 3 and Django

Are you using Python 3 for your Django sites? Find out why you should be, how to get set-up your development environment and server for Python 3, and a couple of pitfalls to look out for.

Pete Graham

Pete is a London based Software Developer. He enjoys programming in many languages, his current favourites are Python and Swift. Pete once ate 38 Weetabix

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