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LRUG September 2015 meeting

Monday, 14th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by LRUG: London Ruby User Group. Starts at 6:00 PM.

Talk description: A quick blast through encountering a feature with performance in the mustache gem. How we debugged it and how we fixed it. This talk will be a bit less boring than it sounds

A pull request slackbot : the seal

As part of my 20% project at GDS, I developed a Slackbot that reminds developers of their team's pull requests that are awaiting review. I will talk about why and how the seal was built, and what I learned from building it.

Tatiana Soukiassian

After several years working in Public Relations, Tatiana learned to code at 12-week bootcamp Makers Academy in autumn 2014. She then joined Government Digital Service in March 2015, and works as a Junior Developer on the GOV.UK team.

Learning through blameless reviews

In this talk Joel will outline some of the ways that teams react to the mistakes they make and how blameless reviews can help teams learn from these mistakes.

Joel Chippindale

Bath born, tea drinking, developer who currently enjoys Ruby and is the CTO at FutureLearn

Containers Patterns for Rails

In this talk we explore how to use docker containers to run ruby on rails applications. Rails applications usually require several different components such as Nginx, Redis, MySQL, Mongo and background jobs. We will show how to set up and manage the configuration of these elements.

Jairo Diaz

Jairo is the founder of Codescrum, a company creating custom software to help businesses innovate and grow to their full potential. Our clients include government agencies, media companies, universities, retail businesses, charities and leading startups. Jairo is also an open source developer (ruby on rails) and volunteer coach of software development to minority groups.

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