Meet up

Powering the Internet of Things

Thursday, 17th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by F# Londoners in September 2015


Powering the Internet of Things

On the 18th of March, Roger Lipscombe will give a brief introduction to the Electric Imp architecture, explain why Erlang is such a good fit for the Internet of Things and talk about how using Erlang helps the devops and back-end teams sleep (mostly) soundly at night. He will also touch on some of the challenges Electric Imp faced in adopting Erlang, which features of Erlang they're yet to adopt, and thoughts about migrating more of their back-end to Erlang.

Roger Lipscombe

Roger Lipscombe was a professional Windows developer for over 18 years. In mid-2013, he decided he was bored with that and started looking around for something else. This led him to join Electric Imp, where he is a software developer on the back-end team, almost exclusively using Erlang. He hasn't touched Visual Studio in over a year, and doesn't particularly miss it.

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