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September Django Rain

Tuesday, 22nd September in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in September 2015


September is here already and the rain is going to be crappy. But we can keep you toasty warm with some lovely Django talks this month. After the talks we'll head over to a nearby pub to ponder learnings and share tales of Django.

Tornado, OpenShift and Django

A talk from Karolis Rušėnas

Karolis Rušėnas

Karolis is a Full stack developer with strong python experience; currently software developer at OpenCredo, previously python developer at Barclays. Lots of experience with OpenStack, now focusing on OpenShift & Golang.

Django Performance Recipes

Jon Atkinson has written a lot of Django code in his career, some slow, and some fast; his aim is to share a few of the techniques you can use to go from 300ms response times to 30ms. We'll travel up and down the stack, looking to identify, monitor and solve performance issues, while dodging those which just aren't worth solving.

Jon Atkinson

Jon has been writing Django code for almost a decade, and has launched a few start-ups and a web agency along the way. He's currently Technical Director at FARM Digital, where he manages a dedicated team of Django developers. He still writes code, every day.

Throw Away Your DataBase

A talk from Anand Kumria

Anand Kumria

Anand is a well-versed developer who saw the light regarding Python about 10 years ago. Shortly thereafter Django came onto the scene. Whilst Django isn't day to day work - Python is - it forms a large part of his professional knowledge. Previously a contractor of note, presently working for Genomics England.

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