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London d3.js 2015 September Meetup

Wednesday, 23rd September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London D3js Meetup in September 2015


This September meet up there will be 2 talks : "From monoliths to components with D3 by Colin Eberhardt " and "Angular in D3, D3 in Angular by Tim Ruffles".

Angular in D3, D3 in Angular

Why are interfaces static and unimaginative when we work in the most malleable medium? I've been wondering whether it is the 'perspective' of our tools that shape and restrict our expression. D3 and Angular have profoundly different world-views; can they cooperate, and what happens when we use them together?

Tim Ruffles

Tim has been building, teaching and speaking on Javascript web-applications for years, using a range of frameworks. He is currently building SidekickJS, a code-quality tool for teams, and contracting with Capco on a data-visualisation tool using D3, Angular and NodeJS.

From monoliths to components with D3

This talk explores a different approach to building charts with D3 that follows the existing patterns of components and data-joins and adds some new ones too. We’ll also look at some funky ideas along the way such as using Flexbox for styling SVGs, and new patterns.

Most charts are monoliths; the more features they provide, the more expansive and complex their APIs become. D3 has for a long time provided a different perspective. Rather than a complex charting-specific API, it is a low-level toolkit, ideal for creating data-driven visualisations. However, that low-level nature can mean that simple chart construction becomes a complex task.

There are a number of charting libraries built around D3, but by wrapping D3 they lose its awesome power and start travelling down the ‘monolith’ route once again.There must be a better way!

Colin Eberhardt

Colin's business card says 'Technology Director' and he works at a UK-based software consultancy, however, he thinks of himself as a technology enthusiast. Colin has been working in software for many years, and has never stopped exploring, learning and creating. He writes a lot, speak a lot and code a lot. He likes telling stories, he likes his presentations to have a narrative. He likes people to feel educated, but more than anything else, he wants them to just enjoy it and have fun.

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